The American Glamour Project is a cross-country tour celebrating the women of the United States. Alan will be driving across the USA and shooting models in all 48 contiguous states.

I had the opportunity to shoot Allesandra in Massachusettes

Allesandra was a wonderful model and also a singer/songwriter.  That, alone, made her a great person to work with.  She has an interesting style letting her sing from her heart.  As a singer myself, I was touched by her music and look forward to shooting her again one day.


Sunset on Lake Erie

I enjoyed a wonderful sunset with Cindy Renee, Nani and Josh in a place called “Conneaut, OH.”  We spent a wonderful 4th together ending in a sunset on the beach.   Of course, there is no better way to spend the holiday than with Cindy, et al, but Lake Erie brought back so many memories.  The lake was calm and the sunset beautiful.  Wow!


Welcome to the new section “Shoot a Model!”

I have just introduced a new section to the site called “Shoot a model.”  I’ve added it because I get a constant flow of photographers asking to shoot some of the models they have seen on my site.  They aren’t a secret.  Nothing would make me happier than to have them get noticed

There will be two groups of models that will be listed.  Some will be the models that are going to travel with me.  As an example, Christiana is joining me again this fall.  I have another model that I am about to schedule.  If you watch this list, you can find out who is with me and shoot them at one of my stops.

I’ll also post images and contact information for some of the models I meet and shoot myself.  There have been some great ones.  We just launched the updated page earlier today.  Give me a little time and I will get this section up and running.

Upcoming Tour Dates

Sorry, there are no events or travel plans scheduled right now. Check back again soon for updates!