I’m a fulltime photographer from California that has embarked on a new chapter in my life. While I have a 5,000 square foot studio, I’ve decided to tour the U.S. to photograph the most beautiful women in every state for a book.

Each state has them – smiling, radiant women who may have been told, “you ought to be a model,” but maybe they’re not over 5’ 11” tall. Maybe they have funny freckles or crazy hair. Just because they don’t fit the narrow restraints of the conventional model industry doesn’t mean they can’t be beautiful and represent their state.

Don’t get me wrong. I am looking for beautiful women who look like models. You might be big and beautiful. You might be petite and pretty. You might be a little older and have cute laugh lines when you smile. Who knows what special qualities you might have? I’m excited to see!

One of the points I’m hoping to make with this book is that beauty comes in many colors, ages, shapes and sizes and that America has some of the most beautiful women in the world. Even you may not realize how beautiful you can be. Discovering it together can be a magical and rewarding process.

I’m excited to meet you and see what you come up with. Beauty is not just the exterior beauty we project, it’s our personalities, the beautiful soul, if you will, that is inside of us all. I have a gift for capturing that essence of a person through my photography and it’s endlessly fascinating to me when that magic happens through the lens of my camera. That’s my gift that I’m so happy to share and I’ve waited nearly a lifetime to be able to tour the U.S. and do this project.

Along the way, I hope to meet others as well!  Feel free to pull my chain.  Whether you are a model, actor, photographer, make-up artist or whatever, let’s break break, have a drink or just have a chat.  Part of the fun is meeting people.  I’d love to meet you!