Allesandra was a wonderful model and also a singer/songwriter.  That, alone, made her a great person to work with.  She has an interesting style letting her sing from her heart.  As a singer myself, I was touched by her music and look forward to shooting her again one day.


I love shooting redheads which is probably why I loved shooting Kayla.  I can’t say enough about her because I loved working with her.  I’m going to post a number of images of her.  We were able to shoot more than normal even though it was a challenging day.  It was a great location, an old fort!

Archway Grey Implied Reclining Smiling Stanbding Wall

Rhode Island is a state full of history.   I shot at a historical site with a beautiful old church that has been restored.  I worked with a wonderful model named Sarah.  She had an interesting look with a beautiful location!



I love shooting a redhead and Sarah was no exception.  I really enjoyed the shoot.  She had an incredible shape and an incredible smile.  The smile can make or break a shot!

Front Headshot Tractor

She turned out to be a surprise.  She had a much better look in person than what I’d seen in her portfolio.   Sometimes people just don’t capture a model well.  We had a somewhat challenging environment to work in but she was a trooper.  It was a shoot I’ll remember.

Black Green Lingerie Train