Are you interested in modeling for the American Glamour Project? If so, click here to reach our contact page where you can send us an email, text or call the project.

I invite you to become a part of history. If you think that you have something to offer, I’d love to meet you and hopefully shoot you. I’m primarily looking for female models 18-26, but I will consider models older or younger. It should be noted that I am able to shoot models under eighteen, but they will not be featured in the book.  They can be a part of my blog and can get other exposure from shooting.  Also, while I’m seeking a model look, I am also interested in bringing uniqueness to the project! Height isn’t important.

I have three different offers that you may consider.

  1. I am prepared to pay one model in each state $25-$50/hr. In that scenario, you will be paid for your time, but you will not be given photos nor guaranteed placement in the book.
  1. I can offer a standard trade deal.  In a trade deal, you pose, and in return, you’ll receive a large assortment of photos. We’ll do a great shoot and you can help pick the theme and location. With this scenario, you’ll be given a disk of all the images that we shoot, but there will be no guarantee that there will be placement in the book.
  1. This option is for those that want assurances of publication. In this scenario, you will help pick a location and theme, but the final decision will be mine. We’ll have a great shoot, after which you will be provided with ten images you may use in your portfolio. Since I have the final control of the shoot, I’ll guarantee that you will be published.

It is for you to decide which program is right for you. It is important to note that I am coming to, or have already been, in your state.  Although I will visit your state, I may not be coming to your town. You might need to travel to a place along my route. I can detour, but time constraints may preclude me from coming right to you.

It is important to note that nudity is not required to be featured in the book.  You are welcome, regardless of your comfort level.  While there will be a limited amount of nudity and implied nudity in the book, I have shot many models that shoot nothing more than fashion.  Please feel free to submit, no matter what you prefer as a modeling style.  Your limits may affect the rate I can offer if you choose traditional pay, but there are no firm rules in that respect.


Drop us an e-mail.  I travel often with a model tagging along.  We pay her expenses and she is free to model for other photographers wherever we go.  Send us an email to get more details!


CLICK HERE to send us an email.