The book is going to be entitled “American Glamour.”  It will be my effort at shooting the best models I can find from across the US.  There will be one main model featured for each state.  You can expect her to have a full layout, which will span two to three pages.  For most states, there will be additional models included with one to three photos each.  I truly hope to cover a cross section of different looks and styles.

Most of the photography will be shot outdoors at locations representative of the states where the model is located.  I have already done some indoor photography and I will do more.  The emphasis, however, will be location shoots.

The book is planned to come out in 2017 and it will be available in both eBook and print editions.  As of this writing, the tour is well under way.  If you would like to see where we have been and were we yet plan to go, CLICK HERE.  I expect to release the book three to six months after I have completed the trip.  I’ll need that time to finish editing, typesetting and for general production.

Because the book is for sale, models will be asked to sign a commercial model release. I’m not doing this to make a lot of money, but I do need to cover my costs.

The photos we take are for the book, but they’re also a documentation of my personal journey, discovering beauty across America. Along the way, I will share this journey by posting some of the photos on my social media. While the book won’t be released until 2016, you’ll be getting exposure from the time you are shot until you are seen in print.