My route and dates evolve by the day. I left California on July 14, 2015. My first stop was Reno, NV.  As you can see from the map on this page, my route of travel was to first cover the central route to the east coast.  I hit states as far north as Wyoming and Nebraska, moving south, all the way to Texas.  From there, my route took me down the east coast to Florida along with the remainder of the South East, making my way to New Orleans.  From there, I am heading back to the east coast, following the eastern seaboard, right up to Maine.  I’ll end my trans-continental passage along the northern route, westbound to Washington state and then south, back to California.  After a brief break, I’ll head down the west coast to finish the lower forty-eight with Arizona and New Mexico.  I’m planning to take a group to Alaska this summer on a cruise and will fly next winter to Hawaii.  At that point I’ll be ready to complete the book.  Check out my full schedule and watch the map to follow my travels.


Drop us an e-mail.  I travel often with a model tagging along.  We pay her expenses and she is free to model for other photographers wherever we go.  Send us an email to get more details!

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